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A Fairy-Tale Wedding

Every woman dreams, for at least one day, to turn into a princess who will walk down the aisle in a long dress next to her beloved one. She can picture a wedding in a marvelous Palace. She is dancing waltz with her prince in a vast ball room to the cheers of the guest. Is it merely an unrealistic, fairy tale scenario? Of course not! Your wedding ceremony and the wedding reception can become the essence of your childhood dreams. It is in Włocławek, in The Amber Palace, where you can make your dreams come true.

Amazing scenery, mysterious charm of the Palace’s interiors guarantee this special and unique day will stay in the memory of the young couple and all the guests for very long time.

The interiors of the Amber Palace allow us to organize weddings up to 180 people. We can arrange the wedding tables in the traditional horseshoe layout as well as the American ballroom style, with round tables – an option preferred by most of our guests. Our head chef always prepares a sophisticated menu for such an important celebration.

We provide a comprehensive setting of the wedding party: florist services, help in organizing music as well as a dedicated artistic program that will make your wedding even more special.

The lavishness of the Palace’s green gardens gives the young couple an idyllic opportunity for a photo session. No photo studio can offer such a beautiful background for photographing this exceptional day. Nature, flowers, green bushes, meadow as well as a water fall and a lake – this is the surroundings of the amber Palace. Alleys with thousands of plants, granite fountains and sculptures are a great complement of the fairy-tale scenery.

The interiors of the Palace are refined to the very last detail. Exclusive rooms are equipped with stylish furniture and decorative elements. The young couple will spend their wedding night in the Palace Suite. The parents and the guests will also have the possibility to spend the night in Palace’s chambers. Considering the needs of the family and the guests we have prepared a special price offer for them.

"And then they lived happily ever after..."

For this special day we provide exceptional setting.

Pałac Bursztynowy - blue wedding
Pałac Bursztynowy - bouquet
Pałac Bursztynowy - wedding


We organize any type of occasional events: christening, communion or birthday party.

In our ball room we can arrange a party/event up to 180 people. There are three club rooms in place cellar, the ideal place for occasional meetings.

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