About Palace

"In tribute to my and all mothers" - there is an inscription on Amber Palace facade, reminding that this beautiful object, located in the phenomenal gardens is also the residence of "Single Mum" Foundation. Founder and principal donor of the Foundation, who for 12 years has been helping single parents, foster families and large families, is the owner and originator of the Palace, the entrepreneur associated with Włocławek - Krzysztof Grządziel. The idea of building the Palace by the Founder was that the income from his activities served the Foundation's supporters, which is happening since 2009.

Amber Palace is a complex that housed a hotel, restaurants, a pub, a gold ballroom, a Finnish sauna, a conference center. The main building with sandstone facade is located in the central part of the complex and surrounded by palace gardens, where there are about 30 thousand blown plants, beautiful alleys and granite fountains. In the eastern part of the garden there is an Amphitheater on the Water with a beautiful waterfall, a fish pond and a small river.

In the main building, there are 30 rooms, in the hunter's pavilion above the lake 5 additional with separate vestibule. All rooms are equipped with TV, wi-fi, telephone and mini bar. For the comfort of our guests in the rooms is installed air conditioning with the possibility of supply of warm and cool air.

Each bathroom in the room has a set of towels and toiletries as well as a hairdryer. The decor of the rooms will make every guest feel not only comfortable, but also royal.

Our excellent traditional typical Polish Palace cuisine does not shy away from modernity. We offer a menu both robust - for those in need of a great deal of calories and delicate for guests who want to eat not only exquisitely, but slightly. There will also be Italian dishes. Excellent compositions, beautifully presented. They care about the chefs.

For three seasons you can rest in our gardens. And enjoy your stay will always be the sight of blooming roses, forsythia, azaleas, rhododendrons, and hydrangea. There will also be goldfish, hibiscus and wajgels. Winter will greet you with frosted twigs of fir, oak, beech and holly.

Here you can fulfill your dreams of an unforgettable wedding . It will try our charming and elegant place, celebration and unique decoration combined with perfect interior and professional service. This will certainly be a romantic and unforgettable wedding. Use our experience and willingness to serve at any time of your ceremony. Our priority is to make this dream come true for you.

Pałac Bursztynowy
Pałac Bursztynowy - restaurant table
Pałac Bursztynowy - room interior


We invite those who enjoy sport to our indoor and outdoor tennis courts. We cooperate with professional trainers and sparing partners who are very kind and understanding. Within the framework of tennis development the Foundation organizes tennis tournaments - Grand Prix. The tournaments take place every month (from April to September). The date of the nearest tournament is available in News.

Pałac Bursztynowy interior - tenis1
Pałac Bursztynowy interior - tenis2
Pałac Bursztynowy interior - tenis3


Courts booking: +48 604 280 218 or at the reception.


Kuba Domeradzki +48 604 280 218
Darek Domeradzki +48 660 414 743


Two saunas are not only a way to relax but also a masterpiece of interior decoration. They have space for 15 guests. We invite you to relax with your dearest and friends.

Price list:

55 PLN an hour (1st guest), every next guest 5 PLN an hour.

A dressing-gown, a towel and throw-away slippers are paid additionally.

Booking at the reception.

Pałac Bursztynowy interior - sauna1
Pałac Bursztynowy interior - sauna2
Pałac Bursztynowy interior - sauna3

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